• Sil Canyon

    León, Castilla y León, Spain .

    The Sil Canyon (Galician: Canón do Sil) is a gorge in Galicia, Spain along the Sil. It covers the last 50 km before the Sil enters the Minho. The scenery is considered to be the most spectacular in Galicia.[1]The Sil is a river in León and Galicia, Spain, a tributary of the Miño. Its total length is 225 kilometres. The source of the Sil is in the Cantabrian Mountains in the Leonese town of Villablino. It flows through the provinces of León and Ourense. The largest city on the Sil is Ponferrada.

  • Mao River Footbridge - Ourense Mao River Footbridges

    Aldea Barxacova s/n, 32748 Parada de Sil Spain .

    If there is something that we like like the secondary roads, it is the viewpoints, so we could not miss the Mirador de Trives and the Xariñas de Castro in our passage through Ourense. Orense never ceases to amaze us and after visiting the spectacular Canyons of the Sil River, the Mao River will welcome us with a spectacular wooden walkway and a third viewpoint built by the landscape architect Isabel Aguirre. This circular route of more less 11 km begins in Barxacova at the Albergue de la Fabrica de Luz, an old hydroelectric center to which it owes its name. The footbridges of the Mao River is one of the simplest of the Rivera Sacra that runs in a meandering way along valleys and with the water present at every step. The river is born in the Sierra de San Mamede and descends to flow into the Sil River. In addition, this tour is interactive with explanatory panels about the flora and fauna of the area. The best time to visit it is in Autumn, although it can be visited at any time of the year and is suitable for the whole family, although it does not have access for people with reduced mobility.

  • Necrópolis de San Victor

    Necrópolis de San Vitor, Parada de Sil, Spain .